We believe that quality, commitment and care are the premium expectations from our valued clients. To comply with the dignity of professionalism, Jago Homes Ltd. has been serving its stakeholders since 2022.

A group of professionals consisting of Planners, Engineers, Administrators and over all sales and marketing experts are aimed to cater highest ease for landowners and buyers. We believe that your satisfaction is our pleasure.

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Offered Services

Land Share Sales

You can easily own a flat by buying Jago Homes land share. We have several types of land shares. Contact the office or hotline number for details.

Flat By Rental Cost

Jago Homes is offering flats of 1000 square feet for rent. Which you can take in easy installments..

Invest for Flat

You can easily earn income by investing in Jago Homes flat projects if you want in short term..

Invest for Land

The safest investment in the world is good freehold land so Jago Homes land share project can be the best medium.

Land and Flat Share Project in Purbachal Jago City

Get Your Land,Flat and Plot sharing opportunity in the Purbachal Jago City,Rupgonj,Nayrangonj, a top choice of citizens for its convenient location and facilities. Located in between Purbachal new town and Vulta gausia, adjacent to the smart center of Dhaka Sylhet highway Purbachal. Increasingly people are moving to the North of Dhaka for planned residential complexes and the best facilities. This is one of the most sophisticated residential areas in Bangladesh. Airport, Purbachal new town, American City ,Asian Duplex, Vulta Gausia , Japanes economic Zone and other places are very adjacent to this area. There are also 3 top-rated universities located in Purbachal Besides, many corporate companies and Factory in this area. That’s why we have chosen our future land-sharing projects to be in Purbachal . Undoubtedly your decision to take part in our upcoming land-sharing project in Purbachal Jago City would benefit generations. So, what’s stopping you to get more details? Contact our team to get full details of our upcoming land-sharing and Flat projects in Purbachal Jago City. .

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